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  Hose Bursting Test Machine
The hydraulic test bed of burst resisting hose is the special equipment manufactured meticulously for consumers. This system consists of carefully selected domestic and foreign high quality pneumatic hydraulic booster pump, booster pump and auxiliaries. The equipment has the following characteristics: being stable and reliable in operation, having a high output pressure, being easy in operation and reliable in quality and so on.
Main Performance and Technical Parameter of the Test Bed
1 Maximum Pressure: 210Mpa (under the air pressure of 0.75MPa)
2 Maximum Rate of Flow: 0.5 L/min
3 Technical Parameter of Driving Pressure and Rate of Flow for Test Bed (Auxiliary Driving Force)
Pressure: 0.3—0.9Mpa; Rate of Flow: 1.2m3/min. The air can be allowed to enter into the pneumatic hydraulic booster pump only after air must be filtrated and oil is filled.
4 Normally Operational Temperature Range of Test Bed: -35℃
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