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hose crimping machine
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hose crimping machine

Model DSG-51 pipe locking machine made by our factory is widely used for the locking processing of high-pressure plastic pipe, fibre pipe and rubber pipe. This machine owns lots of advantages, such as small dimension, light weight, multifunctional design, fast die-opening, easy to operate and repair. What’s more, DSG-51B is not only a crimper but hose peeler as well. One machine has more than one function which makes your investment more successful and your work enjoyable.
Technical Parameters 1 Crimping Range (Id of Hose): 6-51mm 2 Mould dimension: 17-63mm 3 Electric motor power: 2.2-4KW 4 Working voltage: 220V&380V 5 Dimensions: 850X430X1030mm 6 Weight: 250Kg

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