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Hose crimping machine working principle
Author : Hose crimping machine working principle Origin : Hose crimping machine working principle Issue time : 2012-03-22 14:06:55  Click : 2271

Hose crimping machine working principle: through mechanical transmission, driving the steel pipe rotation, and one end of the tube with flame heating, when they reach a certain temperature, the use of molding mould, heating steel tube head fil until to the required shape so far.

Structure: a territory with channel steel welding, the power with the motor and reducer, card head (card with the pipe, usable lathe chuck instead of). The other end of turning installation (open), turning the on fixed at a heating ring (8-10 nozzle, with QiHan QiangZui by welding in a brass ring). The outside is a activities of stents, installed above a mould.

Note: my unit were pipe bender, turning, heating ring, mould stents in a trinity fixed on the base, the base and chassis rail connections, could be asked to adjust the length of the answer.

Method of use: will the pipe fixed in the shrinkage pipe bender, open the heater (ring). Stay after temperature is reached, promote alloy die, pipe head shape that meet the requirements. The whole process about 15 minutes.

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