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what is hose crimping machine
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hose crimping machine is the most important parameter:1, hose size usually hose diameter 2, several layers of what material the hose is woven or wound,3, buckle pressure and requirements. Hose crimping machine is the metal joints by means of hydraulic machinery and the corresponding mould with high pressure hose tightly fastening together, made of high-pressure hose connector, referred to as the high pressure hose assembly. High pressure hose assembly are widely used in oil fields, coal mining, aerospace, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and other industries. The most commonly used are: hydraulic, NC. Lock the machine has no national standards. The hydraulic hose joint national standard: GB / T9065.1-1988hydraulic hose connection size expanding type GB / T9065.2-1988hydraulic hose connection size card sleeve type GB / T9065.3-1988hydraulic hose connection dimensions welding or quick-action type sawing machine is mainly composed of a buckling mechanism, motor, gear pump, control valve and the oil tank.


Hose crimping machine is also called the hose lock machine, lock machine hose, hose locking machine, hose locking machine is mainly suitable for the mechanical engineering of high pressure hose assembly buckling processing, can also be withheld bidirectional elbow, elbow and large shaped head.

Editor this paragraph working principle

Oil pump under motor drive, the output of hydraulic oil cylinder pushing Burke, the movement of the plunger forward, so that the plunger, former head on the two inner cone sleeve to push with symmetrical cone die seat radial shrinkage, realization module on hose fastening. When the shrinkage to scale the setting value, Burke automatic stop, electromagnetic valve, hydraulic oil into the two mold cylinder, pushes the buckling plunger reverse motion, die seat under the action of the spring to drive module recovery.

Editor this paragraph working process

A buckling mechanism is the lock of the machine work mechanism. Pressure in cylinder piston driven reciprocating, fixed to the front plate spring pressure head is continuously compressing and relaxing. Will the joint into the spring pressure head intermediate round hole in the proper position, the motor is started, driven by the pump, through the control of electromagnetic valve, driven by the cylinder piston to move forward, with the inner conical holes through the pressing sleeve, pressing with the same taper spring pressure head, pressing objective realization. Press the open button, the piston drives the pressing sleeve reverse direction of motion, spring pressure recovery, then can be removed from the hose connector hose crimping machine. Lock the machine installation and commissioning process:1, handling: machine should use the forklift handling. 2, installation: the machine should be fixed on a solid foundation, and ground treatment. 3, oiling : open the box rear cover, in the fuel tank into54or46Great Wall anti-wear hydraulic oil. 4, connected with the electric power line connected to the machine: the specified power, move the motor rotation direction of motor rotation direction of observation, and motor label arrow direction, or just starting up the machine, mold opening action, increase the motor rotation direction is correct, otherwise please adjust the phase sequence.

The hose crimping machine price difference analysis

1, domestic hose crimping machine parts causes buckle press hydraulic system is an important component of the equipment. It has a hydraulic pump, a reversing valve, a safety valve. For example:10YCY14-1B is the same plunger pump, Shanghai high-pressure fuel pump factory needs about 1400 yuan, and some other manufacturers only need about 800 dollars. The 10path of the electromagnetic reversing valve, a new Shanghai factory and Beijing factory, price is 450yuan, and other manufacturers in the price of300-350yuan, other components is also so. So, choose the advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic components of price difference between 30%-50%. In 2, the domestic pipe shrinkage machine process causes reduced processing technology and processing links, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of customers, leading to problems in use. For example: machine of bearing parts, should be strict and refinement lattice and quenching treatment. Some inexpensive withhold pressure pieces often direct quenching tempering technology of workpiece, save, brittle serious, caused to equipment trouble. In 3, the domestic pipe shrinkage machine excessive compression for cost reasons some cheap machine manufacturers in order to save money is often not provided with various inspection posts, such as procurement and inspection, assembly process inspection, inspection, factory inspection, resulting in unstable product quality. In 4, the domestic pipe shrinkage machine R & D investment deficiency causes new product development new technology trial some the size of the company, about the value of3%-6%, input is very large, and some of the smaller companies will not invest in R & D funds, simply do some good imitation, causing specious, immanent quality is very poor. In 5, the hose crimping machine after sale service does not reach the designated position causes the price of machine often only lower price sell something instead of after sale service, once the equipment failure, often as a result of price is not considered in this part of the cost, rather than in rows, delays the customers to use, also may cause disputes.

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