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hose crimping machine
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2 prevents the tools and other foreign bodies entering the lock.

3 at a time when the work is completed to make eight pieces of mold base open to a maximum extent, so that the spring is in open state. Otherwise it will damage the spring.

4do not work reached into the lock.hose crimping machine

5stripping tool must be firmly installed in the peeling motor connecting disk, the peeling mechanism does not work when the stripping tool shed, so as to avoid accidental injuries.

The 6must be cut off power supply repair.hose crimping machine

7 because of different manufacturers pipe diameter difference, hose peeling, peeling cutter radial position adjustments should be made to each batch of the pipe diameter as the basis.

Six, maintenance

Hydraulic oil tank should be inspected, found not enough fuel to replenish oil; oil pollution to filter or replacement.hose crimping machine

Lock to keep the house clean, in order to avoid processing sundry die into lock cylinder, and affect the normal use. Specific time wiping die pressed connector into the debris, and often to mould concrete adding butter grease.

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