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hose crimping machine
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DSG-51 hose crimping machine

DSG-51 hose crimping machine

I plant the production of DSG-51A / B hose crimping machine applied in industry, agriculture and engineering machinery hydraulic transmission high pressure hose, fiber tube, plastic tube assembly fastener processing. Has the advantages of small volume, light weight, multiple functions, easy operation, good mold quickly, repair etc..

DSG-51Bhose crimping machine with stripping function

Main technical characteristics

Model DSG-51A DSG-51B

Swaged hose inner diameter ( mm )6~51

Scale accuracy ( mm )0.02

Maximum clamping force ( T )236

Speed ( R / min )1420

Oil pump displacement ( ml / R )10

Size ( mm )850x 430x 1030

Power ( kW )33.75

Weight ( kg )240260

One, working principle

Oil pump under motor drive, the output of hydraulic oil cylinder pushing Burke, the movement of the plunger forward, so that the plunger, former head on the two inner cone sleeve to push with symmetrical cone die seat radial shrinkage, realization module on hose fastening. When the shrinkage to scale the setting value, Burke automatic stop, electromagnetic valve, hydraulic oil into the two mold cylinder, pushes the buckling plunger reverse motion, die seat under the action of the spring to drive module recovery.

Two, installation and debugging

1: the machine should be used for handling forklift handling, and to the bottom of the machine body of the force, was not allowed to tilt. No lift lock and standard parts.

2: installing machine should be fixed on a solid foundation, and ground treatment.

3: opening the shell oil tank to join 60L, Great Wall46# anti-wear hydraulic oil.

4electric power line connected to the machine: the specified power, move the motor rotation direction of motor rotation direction of observation, and refers to the direction of pump.

5: check ruler scale is located on the front end face of the cylinder ( see above), is used to adjust the fastening sleeve shrinkage size. Adjusted clockwise, shrinkage reducing; counterclockwise adjustment, shrinkage increases. Scale seat by three screws on the elasticity of the spring pressure in the cylinder end, pull the ruler ( vertical cylinder end face direction), scale seat should be flexible and leave the cylinder end, loosen, by spring force on the oil cylinder of automatic press. To withhold before, should check carefully whether flexible scale expansion. Not to scale with screws on the oil cylinder, otherwise it will damage the ruler.

6 pressure adjustment: the machine hydraulic system pressure is 20Mpa, near the overflow valve adjustment. Adjusted clockwise pressure, reverse adjust pressure decreases. (the factory has a good tune, when necessary, can be automatically adjusted )

7opening speed adjustment: mold speed, by diverting valve control, adjusted clockwise, counterclockwise adjustment speed of mold, mold, slow down, but opening speed too quickly so that the noise increase. (the factory has a good tune, when necessary, can be automatically adjusted )

In three, operation

1 machine when first used should be withheld for 20~ 30 times, to observe the site were normal before use. Lock the machine when used in winter no-load withheld20-30 times, in order to make oil temperature increase some.


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