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Hose swaging machine
Author : www.hy-hose.com Origin : Hose swaging machine Issue time : 2012-03-16 10:30:29  Click : 1797
Hose swaging machine is a fast rotating forged, by micro deformation to large deformation of forging processing equipment. Cold, hot processing, variable diameter, deformation. For processing small tube, special-shaped pipe ( triangle, square, six angles), bar, especially nonferrous metal, has its unique advantages. 1, cold processing, can improve the hardness of the product. In 2, after the rotary forging, the workpiece surface finish can be achieved Ra <0.4um, IT8-IT9.3, hose Hose swaging machine tolerances up to general condition were mature, high production efficiency, short production cycle. 4, by swaging to replace the traditional machining, blank required equal weight and products, materials are saved, thereby realizing the chipless machining. 5, originally from a solid material products, using pipe material production, on one hand reduce the weight of product, and make the function of the product can be improved. 6, through the replacement of different rotary forging die, can produce a variety of products. Rotary forging machine according to different processing requirements of different calibres, if the processing of solid materials, processing diameter in the range of0.4-70mm; if the processing of tubular materials, processing diameter in the range of0.4-120mm. Can reach a diameter tolerance value in +0.01mm to +0.1mm, depending on the material, workpiece size and required forming process can achieve the tolerance value is generally not more than0.05mm. Processing of products is simple and rapid without waste and high surface smoothness.
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