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Hose crimping machine is normal on the pipe end for expanding and contracting pipe
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Hose crimping machine is normal on the pipe end surface of tube expanding and hose crimping, integrated by a control touch display screen controlled full automatic hydraulic pipe processing machinery, the replacement of mold can tube expanding pipe, hose crimping, drum kits, upsetting rib tube end forming processing, according to user needs can be free to decide the manual, inching or automatic processing machine tools from the fuel tank, bed, slider, a main oil cylinder, the mold core rod ( optional), limiting cylinder, compressing oil cylinder, and an axial positioning, clamping die cylinder axial positioning angle and other main components.

Pipe necking is tube end diameter reducing molding process. Tube under axial force into the deformation zone, in the deformation zone to produce a tangential shrinkage of the shrink mouth plastic deformation, and then enter the stable area, eventually forming narrow end diameter.

Pipe expanding is the tube end diameter expanding a forming, expanding can be in the shape of a conical, cylindrical, tube under the action of axial force into the deformation zone, in deformation zone to produce a tangential tensile flaring plastic deformation, and then entered a stable deformation zone, eventually forming.

Through the main oil circuit is set on the tube type throttle valve, which can adjust the speed of main cylinder; pressing oil cylinder is arranged on the circuit superposition type liquid control one-way valve, thereby ensuring the mold clamping process do not loose; shift cylinder, limiting cylinder, cylinder axial positioning loop are arranged superposed type bidirectional throttle valve, the cylinder can be adjusted the bidirectional movement speed. Wherein the shift cylinder and limiting cylinder with the use of conversion work, so that the station converted conveniently and accurately, ensure pipe processing quality.

Hose crimping machine is widely used in pipe connector, automotive tubing, pipe, water pipe, air conditioning pipe connecting parts processing, is ideal for the tube end forming processing equipment, processing shapes include: convex, concave section, flat, affirmative, extension cable, V type, open elbow, elbow by mouth products made by the mould

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