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Hose crimping machine basic characteristics
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Hose crimping machine basic characteristics

(1), the discharging trough, upper semi-part is provided with a stack containing germ tube containing part, whose front is provided with a guide to the front to germ tubes one by one and falls to the bottom of the groove;

(2), pushing device, is arranged on the blanking slot at the bottom, which is provided with the groove by undertake falling germ tube supporting mechanism and a feeding mechanism, launch;

(3), a feeding device, provided with a germ tubes since feed position clamp to the working position of the movable clamping jaw cylinder;

(4), is provided with a clamping device, the germ tube clamp is positioned in the working position of the gripper cylinder;

(5), pushing positioning device, provided with a resist germ tube end can advance and retreat of the positioning mould;

(6), shrink tube machine with double shaft forging device, which is provided with a moving body, in the body ring provided with a roller group, and the roller is arranged on the inner side of the subgroup of rotatable mold holder,the hose crimping machine

(7), die holder is provided with a radial slot, and the two sides of the notch is arranged in parallel to the two guide block, in the two guide block are arranged between the two separated mold, and the mold is arranged on the outside and roller group were successively contact impact structure and make the mold to form the opening and closing of the hammer forging body; another in the two mold cavity is provided with a rotatable central shaft cylinder. The structure of the utility model are combined, the hose crimping machine heat pipe.

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